Sport Surfaces

Since my early days in the business I have been involved with sport surfaces from asphalt,

textured, rubberized, hardwood floors, vinyl floors to fast dry tennis courts.

Unfortunately, I did not take a lot of pictures over the years.

I started out just painting the lines, then moved to applying the surfaces, to finally building them from scratch - ground up. This includes: tracks, tennis courts, basketball courts, gym floors, school playgrounds and many other types.

We can layout, design, texture and paint any surface you wish.



                                                                             Custom Court for Pepsi                               Custom Track Brevard High School.. it actually goes behind the bleachers.


This gym was a challenge.. It has a volley ball court at one end. We laid out the court so they could put sleeves into the concrete for the poles for the net.

 They remove them to play basket ball.  The colors were chosen by the owner.


We did several custom courts and put there logos on them.. Reebok, Pepsi, Plexipave.